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Is CR-10S a Good Choice for Beginner in 2021?

The Creality CR-10S 3D printer has been around for 5 years. CR-10S has been popular around the world since 2016, with more than 600,000 users choosing, and Youtube users independently uploading 10 million+ videos.

New printers appear on the market every year, is the CR-10S still worth buying? Today, ToAuto will give you an analysis, whether CR-10S is worth starting with:

1. CR-10S is the first modular assembly 3D printer, which is easy to install and saves at least half of the time compared to the installation of full accessories

2. The printing size of CR-10S is increased to 300*300*400, which is 200*200*200 larger than similar printing sizes in the market

3. The most classic model in the DIY series, with strong compatibility. Many new products have been enlarged on the basis of CR-10S functions.

4. The software and hardware structure of CR-10S is the same as the latest model

5. CR-10S has many upgrade ports, customers can modify and upgrade by themselves

6. The installation is simple and quick, it can be completed in about 10 minutes

7. Continue printing after power off. No need to worry about printing failure after power off

8. Add a consumable sensor to detect the fluctuation of consumables and paper jams to ensure successful printing

9. Double motor screw, more stable and smooth, higher printing accuracy

10. Comes with TMC2208 ultra-quiet drive, stable performance and noise reduction

Want to own your CR-10S and start your DIY modification and update? Welcome to the ToAuto website:

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