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6.5L Wax Melter for Candle Making

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  • 【Excellent Compatibly】Compare to other wax melter, TOAUTO extra large melter holds up to 12 lbs of wax at once instead of melting a pound or two at a time in a double boiler. It not only cuts down on the production time but also makes candle making a lot easier. THIS IS A COMPLETE GAME CHANGER. Built for candles, soap making, ideal for DIY hobbies, small-medium size candle business.
  • 【Ideal Productive Wax Melter】Efficient wax melting furnace warms up and melts wax extremely fast that 1KG soy wax can be melted in 5 minutes on 110 degrees Celsius setting. Comparing to double-boiler process would take 3x as long to melt a fraction of the wax this can which speed up your candle making so you can do bulk orders.
  • 【Quick & Easier Pour Spout Design】Spout at the bottom of the melter base design makes pouring wax into the candle mold easier and also decreasing likelihood to spill resulting burning. Easy clean up, wipe it out right after pour, open the valve and run hot water with detergent then dry and put up for next use.
  • 【Precise Melt & Warm Temperature Control】30℃-110℃ free setting. Vary temperature range options meet different waxes melting point such as Soy Wax, Paraffin, Coconut & Beeswax and more.Wax in the melter keeps at constant set temperature until it's poured without overheating or burning.
  • 【Convenient & Safety】Heating/warming indicator lights located above the water level window on the melter to indicate the working status to avoid by twisting the melter cap checking every time.TOAUTO melter made of stainless steel inner tank, high-temperature resistance for easy wax release.


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