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Toauto 3in1 DC Power Supply SMD Rework Station Soldering Hot Air Gun Welder 110V

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Toauto 3in1 DC Power Supply SMD Rework Station Soldering Hot Air Gun Welder 110V

Product Description

Toauto 3in1 DC Power Supply SMD Rework Station Soldering Hot Air Gun Welder 110V 



2 in 1 Soldering Iron rework station is suitable for dismantling all kinds of QFP; SOP; PLCC; SOJ and other chips. It is widely used in electronic factory assembly line; mobile phone components, IC blocks, computer motherboard repair; home appliance repair, welding. It can also be used for heat shrinking. Truly a must-have for DIY lovers and weekend professionals.

Soldering Station Kit Use Guide Video:

Shiping List


1PCS Elbow tweezers

1PCS Solder pump power

2PCS Wind mouth(3mm;4mm;7mm)

1PCS Solder tip

1PCS Solder wire

1PCS Colophony soldering paste





Hot Air Gun

Display typle:LED display

Hot air gun power:700W

Air volume:120L/Min

Console air supply device:Air pump type

Hot air gun heating element:853 heating element

Hot air temperature of spray gun:100-500°C/212-932°F

Length of spray gun:120cm

Standard 3 Nozzles:3mm;4mm;7mm

Features:Hot air handle sleep function


Soldering Iron

Display typle:LED display

Soldering iron power:60W

Temperature range:200-480°C/392-896°F

Soldering iron heating core:C1321 ceramic heater

Temperature adjustment method:up/down button

°C/°F conversion function:yes

Features:fast heating,accurate constant temperature





2-in-1 design 2 in 1 design,60W soldering station and 700W hot air gun, which saves working space and all functions can be used independently. One-click switch to understand your needs.


Rapid heating up This product adopts pure copper transformer to provide strong support for "fast". Using pure copper wire winding, stable high-power output.


Precise Temperature ControlIt adopts PID Temperature Control Technology,which can quickly sense real temperature changes, return to temperature efficiently and quickly, and realize intelligent constant temperature.Adjustable temperature range of electric soldering iron : 200-480℃(392-896°F); hot air gun: 100-500℃(212-932°F).


Hot Air Gun Auto Sleep Function The handle has a built-in induction magnet and sensor switch. When the air gun is placed on the bracket and the hot gun enters the sleep state,which can effectively extend the life of heating element and protect the heat gun. This is more safe for users.


LED DisplayThis product adopts microcomputer control, the hot air and soldering iron all are digital led display the temperature. The temperature is intuitive. Press up down button to adjust the temperature and via knob to adjust the air volume.Easy and safe to use.


Pulse heating function This product adopts pulse heating, self-protecting heating element, and maintains the handle and wind head to extend the service life of the machine. Note: The handle shell is made of PA plastic, which can withstand high temperature and fire resistance)


Double vortex blower function vortex blower, high-speed air supply, low noise, spiral air.


Handle/wind resistance description 60W power, high frequency eddy current heating core, fast/stable heating, use 900M/900L series soldering iron tip;700W power, high temperature resistant heating element, standard three wind nozzles, can be switched according to needs.