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Soldering Flux Paste Solder Welding Rosin Grease Cleaning Ball

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Rosin flux is used to facilitate soldering. It cleans and prevents metal oxidation which allows solder to create strong, long lasting mechanical and electrical bonds. It also acts as a wetting agent, increasing the flow of solder and the efficiency of the soldering process.

Packing List

1x Rosin Flux Kit (Total weight:50g)


1. Welding AIDS, iron head cleaner

2. Built-in large capacity and high purity rosin

3. High quality copper cleaning ball

Method of use

The surface of the iron head used for a long time is easy to oxidize. The iron head is inserted into the rosin in the iron cleaner for a turn, and then wiped for a moment on the copper wire ball, and the iron head is coated with a layer of solder paste after shining

High-quality rosin

17 years of experience in the welding platform industry, high-quality rosin specially designed for iron head cleaning and welding aid, built-in a large number of high purity rosin, is conducive to the melting of solder joint, welding aid, but also can remove the iron head oxidation film, prevent oxidation, reduce the surface tension of the iron head, so that the components become easy to weld

High quality copper wire cleaning ball

High quality copper material, high tin removal efficiency, no tin stick, can effectively clear the oxide layer on the iron head, protect the iron head, prolong the life of the iron head, the copper wire ball does not need to add water, will not reduce the temperature of the solder tip, can replace the sponge, is a good helper for the use of lead-free solder tip.

The iron head cleaning ball has better cleaning effect than the traditional sponge, because it does not contain water, it can keep the heat energy of the solder nozzle and will not cause thermal shock when cleaning, so as to reduce the loss of the solder nozzle.