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PLA+ 1.75mm 3D Printer Filament 1KG Mutli-Color

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  • High quality , Zero bubble, not warped; PLA+ does not require too much heating assistance by hot bed floor , and the printed model has a much lower edge rag than PLA.
  • PLA+ has low shrinkage rate and it performs pretty well even when printing larger models.
  • PLA+ can make the print model get the same mechanical hardness as ABS, but it is easier to print on the machine than ABS.
  • Environmentally friendly, Beautiful appearance, high strength, Applicable to all models of 3D printers;
  • Good gloss and transparency, the printed model is crystal clear.


Type: PLA+ 1.75mm
Net weight: 1kg
Print temp(degree centigrade): 200-230
Bed temp(degree centigrade): 0-70
Heat Distortion temp(degree centigrade ,0.45Mpa): 52
Melt Flow index(g/10min): 2(190 degree centigrade /2.16kg)
Tensile Strength(Mpa): 60
Elongation at Break(%): 29
Flexural strength(MPa): 87
Flexural Modulus(Mpa): 3642
IZOD impact Strength(Kj/m2): 7
Length 1.75mm: 340~350M