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10KG Propane Gas Metal Melting Furnace Kit

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  • Huge capacity: 10KG full graphite crucible
  • Multifuntion: Melt copperaluminum silver gold...
  • High efficiency: 30min to melt 6kg copper
  • High quality: fireproof mudinner tank
  • Portable design: use it anywhere


 1. Specification:

Product Name Gas melting furnace-10KG
Furnace outer diameter φ27CM
Furnace external height 29.5CM
Furnace inner diameter φ18cm
Furnace internal height 20CM
Crucible size φ150~φ100*175
Crucible capacity 1100ML
Furnace wall material Fire-resistant ceramic wool (consumables can be replaced)
Package dimensions 30*30*40CM
Packing weight 18kg

2. Advantages:
(1) Adopt high quality 10KG full graphite crucible without silicon, 500times lifespan.
(2) The highest temperature can reach up to 1300 ℃/(2372℉), and it can melt metal with melting point lower
than 1300 ℃. For example: gold, silver, copper, aluminum, zinc etc.
(3) Large capacity: can melt 10KG copper,2.9KG aluminum, 11.5KG silver, 21.5KG gold.
(4) The inner wall adopts a package of 5CM fireproof cotton (which can withstand high temperatures
of 1400℃) which is replaceable inner wall material.
(5) Portable size design, foldable handle design, the whole furnace weighs 18Kg, and works in any place.