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12 KG Propane Gas Melting Furnace

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  • Large Capacity, Hold till 52lbs gold
  • High Efficiency, Reach 1832℉in 15min
  • Enough accessories: with 113ML graphite ingot mold and 18” tong



Melting Furnace Kit


With max workspace enabled dimension 9" x 9" x 15.15", the TMF 12000 propane furnace is efficient enough for your smelting needs. The crucible is the heart of a furnace, and we designed the TF 12K with a graphite crucible that’s able to easily melt 12KG copper, 24KG gold, 13.6KG silver, 3.5KG aluminum, easily, safely, and quickly.Maximum versatility meets enormous capacity.

Propane Metal Melting Furnace Kit


TOAUTO TF12000 Melting Furance ingenuity shines through with its Round design and 3D Heating system. These two features allow for your metals to have maximum exposure to the "sweet spot" of the flame allowing for a faster and more even firing, that can make the temperature in the furnace rise quickly and heat up to 1000℃(1832℉) within 15 minutes.

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We beat the competition with 1.5"THICKER CERAMIC COTTON + 1" HIGH DENSITY RIGID COATED than competitor’s thin ceramic kaowool version, It can resist 2600° Fahrenheit (1425° Celsius Approx.), to provide superior heat reflection allowing higher temperatures and resist high-velocity firing.(NOTE: there might be some cracks inside the fireproof mud, no influence to its use though. If you care about this, pls think twice before ordering)

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High Quality Burner

The powerful burner gives out a neutral flame leaving a small amount of oxygen for scaling. High-quality nozzle made from SS-304 for increases the efficiency of the burner with the help of 30PSI Propane Regulator with CSA Group Certification which regulates the amount of air that is mixed with the propane during combustion, can hook up to American standards Propane Tank directly.

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Cast Into Ingot Mold

Once you melting any slag from your metal, you need something sturdy to pour it into. So we designed the TF 113ML graphite ingot mold that's able to hold 2.2KG gold,1.2KG silver,1KG copper. 99.95% Graphite, ensuring that the metal purity will not be affected during metal refining and say no to any metal waste.

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Designed Heavy-Duty Tongs

18-inch / 45CM overall length; All steel construction with powder coat finish for added strength and longevity, Grabber includes a scissor action and 3 grooves on both sides of tong grip for a sure grip and ultimate control.