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3D SL1 Curing Machine UV Lamp for LCD/DLP/SLA 3D Printers

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3D SL1 Curing Machine 405nm UV Lightlamp for LCDDLPSLA 3D Printers
  • 【Reflective Sheet】 With reflection sheet to let UV light focus on the items to be cured better, add solar turntable to rotate to help cured more even
  • 【Intelligent Time Control】The LED time display enable you to control the curing time conveniently.
  • 【See-through Window】The see-through window not only assists you to observe the curing process, but also help keep the UV light away from leakage.
  • 【Light Driven Turntable】The light driven turntable is able to absorb UV light to rotate without battery.
  • 【DIY but easy to assemble and use】Comparing to other DIY enclosure, this resin UV curing box is economic and save your time. The UV lamp is replaceable, all UV light bead have a life time, so when the light become weak, can just replace the UV lamp to renew the curing chamber

Produce name: Creality SL1

Input voltage: 110V/220V 50/60HZ

Rated Power: 15W

External Dimensions: 192(L)x196(W)x240(H)mm


Produce Color: Black

Turntable Diameter: 90mm

Compatible Resin Printer: Creality LD002R\ LD002H and other similiar resin printers.