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Propane Forge TF9000 Gas Forge

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  • PORTABLE & ROBUST STRUTURE: Our blacksmith propane forge body is made of sturdy 1/8” thick iron. Design with level and rigid forge feet and well-balanced handles to easily move it around. It features 11.8” x 7” x 7” roomy dimension provide plenty of room for the workpiece makes it perfect for making knives, jewelry and modifying metal parts for a beginner blacksmith or hobbyist small projects.
  • QUICK & EFFECTIVE BURN: Comes with a 10000W power high efficient single burner to heat the metal furnace up to 2,000°F with ease. With its 90% propane forge efficiency, you can reach forging φ6CM iron rod temperature in 15 minutes or even less. The unique oval design allows workpieces to heat evenly and exposes them to the flame's "sweet spot".Great value for anyone looking to get into blacksmithing!
  • EASY REGULATION: The adjustable intake valve makes this forge a unique option. Easily adjust the air chock of the burner to better control the airflow and give a properly tuned flame. Equipped with a 47″ hose and a pressure regulator is rated for 0-30 PSI for an excellent neutral flame that could also regulate the flame temperature and keep the gas tank away from the blazing hot temperature for safety.
  • PROTECTIVE INSULATION: The fire bed is lined with a 1” high-density Ceramic Fiber Blanket that can easily withstand 2000+°F to insulate increase the longevity of the body. Also, contain a 4.5″X 9″X 0.8″fire brick for the bottom serve as a firm base for the metal stock. Both of them combined to provide you with better heat retention, great heat reflection, and increase forge durability. Don’t be afraid of fire anymore, go grab yourself a metal stock and start forging!
  • PERFECT FOR ENRICHED CASTING PROJECTS - Propane Forge is inevitable product for a Blacksmith, Hobbyist, Jewelers & Knife makers. It is ideal for heating and bending of metals, tempering and heat treatment of small knives & agriculture use small tools. Gold, Brass, Bronze, Magnesium, Aluminum, Tin, Stainless Steel...all can be worked with using the TF17000 Forges. All you need to enjoy and fulfill your metalsmith projects.
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