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3D Printing Application in Jewelry Making Process

In the process of making jewellery or parts, models are a very important part, especially in modern society. More and more young shoppers tend to customize models and even design what they want. This brings adjustments to traditional mass production. How to meet the needs of customers, improve efficiency, and quickly make styles that customers want is a new challenge faced by jewelry processing practitioners.

1. 3D printing wax model is used for lost wax casting: With the help of 3D printing technology, complicated manual steps are saved and the wax model production speed is accelerated.


2. 3D printing directly produces jewelry or parts: Since the application of 3D printing has gradually become popular, some novel jewelry products have begun to emerge in an endless stream. 3D printed jewelry and clothing frequently appear in several major international fashion weeks, which are very eye-catching. The world has added more brilliance.

3. Jewelry design communication and design display: In the early stage of product design, 3D printing equipment can be used to quickly produce enough models for evaluation, which not only saves time, but also reduces design defects.


4. 3D meets personalized customization: 3D printing, with its high efficiency, can help companies quickly respond to customer customization needs and seize the high-end market, such as jewelry customization, jewelry customization, etc.


5. 3D assembly testing and functional testing: to achieve the goals of improving product functions, reducing production costs, better quality, and increasing market acceptance.

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