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Customer Story

Drew Buckingham has been a raving fan of ToAuto since he first tried one of our 3D Printers. Since that time, he has built hundreds of projects using our tools.

As an update, Drew has shifted his focus from 3D Printing to metalworking to make custom and fun steel projects. His go-to tools continue to be ToAuto products and he is excited to add jewelry working to his arsenal of skills very soon.

According to Drew, “ToAuto tools give me the confidence to tackle any project and to know that I will be able to produce high-quality and fun pieces that will last a lifetime. Knowing that I have many ToAuto products at my disposal also motivates me to take on the more difficult projects that start as just an idea in my head. With a desire to create unique projects for every customer, I am confident they will be built right every time because of the ToAuto  products I will be using. Their customer service is top notch as well, always putting the customer’s needs first.” This is exactly what experiencing the benefits of connecting simple, real, and fun technology is all about!

Drew also appreciates the simplicity of the tools. “I firmly believe you can give a ToAuto  product to a beginner and by the end of the day, they will know how to use it effectively and efficiently.”

As Drew looks to the future and the possibilities that exist for his metal working business, he is excited. “It’s been an absolute blessing using ToAuto products to grow our business and I can’t wait to see what comes next!”

You can check out Drew’s complete portfolio of work at




Randy is an individual that takes engineering to a new hobby level.  He takes scrap metal and turns into a practical items and sometimes a work of art. Weekends is when the furnace lights up and the smelting/melting begins in his makeshift studio.

In the beginning, things started simple  with aluminum, brass and copper melts.  As time went by and mistakes occurred, the knowledge and craftsmanship improved.  Melts got more intense and projects got more complex. Simple ingot projects turned into Marvel characters and amazing weapons for show.

And if you ask, “How does a project start off?. First, he used his engineer skills to draw out a plan.  Then he prints out a 3D print (by using the amazing ToAuto Pyramid printer) to create a mold out of green sand. The hot metal is poured from the ToAuto furnace and you have yourself an Axe, a Thor Hammer, a Kunai and many other amazing items.

All these creations have been documented on his Youtube channel, What2Melt. Until now he has more than 400 subscribes. Now Randy has established a small metal craft studio at home, and occasionally provides some customized services. Randy told us that metal smelting has brought a lot of changes and fun to his life. If more people like his work in the future, metal craft will become his job in the future.