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ToAuto History

Who We are

Fast To Buy Company started with an online purchase of metal working tools, and asked a question: "How to quickly deliver these tools to the people who need them, so that they can solve the problem quickly?" The answer has changed the way people getting these tools.
Since the establishment of Fasttobuy in 2011 , we has focused on providing metal processing related tools like 3D printers, gold melting furnaces, forging furnaces, desoldering stations, etc . Our business started from, then we joined Amazon, ebay, aliexpress and alibaba. Our vision is to make the procurement of industrial products more convenient.

Making Simple With a Tool Real.

In 2015, we established the ToAuto brand, determined to provide professional and convenient tools for metalworking lovers, be their helping hands, and create more fun for them.

Fast · Simple · Real · Fun

Let it fast to make decision, promptly obtain your ideal tools!
Let it simple, simpler, simplest to make your work more efficient!
Let it be real to make your idea into reality ToAuto tools!
Let it be fun to start your creation with ToAuto tools!
Everything we do is because of love. We are together for love, and we are always innovative for more fun.

All we do is to offer you convenient and interesting tools. To ensure your satisfaction, we will work with you before, during and after your order. We hope to make life with more fun together.
Together We Succeeded.