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Basic Introduction to 3D printing: what type of printer will you choose?

Nowadays, more and more people know about 3D printers and use them for actual printing production. With the promotion of 3D printing, more and more ordinary families have also bought them.

So let's talk about what some preliminary knowledge is needed if you want to enter the world of 3D printing.

First of all, you must first understand what type of your own printer is and what materials can be used to print models.

1. Multi-head jetting: Generally used materials are resin, wax, etc. The nozzle jets out molding materials and supporting materials during printing. For the types of plastics and dental equipment, the supporting material is wax.

2. Laser melting: The commonly used materials are titanium alloy, cobalt-chromium alloy, stainless steel, and aluminum alloy. The metal powder is melted by a high-energy ytterbium fiber laser to form a model.

3. Laser sintering: The commonly used materials are nylon, metal powder, PS powder, and resin sand. The powder is turned into a tightly integrated model by sintering.

4. 3D lithographic printing: The generally used material is photosensitive resin, and a laser of a specific wavelength and intensity is used to focus on the surface of the light-cured material, making it from dots to lines, and printing to form a model.

5. Fused deposition type: Generally used printing materials are polylactic acid and ABS plastic. This technology uses filamentous materials such as thermal plastics, wax or metal fuses to be extruded from heated nozzles to print models according to the predetermined trajectory of each layer of the part.

Knowing what type of printer your printer is and what materials can be printed, you will be able to make models. However, some introductory skills are still required in the early stage.

First, you have to learn to use simple modeling software, sketch, autodesk123D, or 3Dsmax, maya, etc. If you are not proficient, you can download the model from the website and use it directly, but it is not a personalized design model. When you are proficient enough, you can study how to model and print out your own designed products.

Second, if you want to customize the model, you must have some basic drawing skills and be able to draw the frame on the drawing.

Third, you need to be proficient in using 3D printers. General printers are equipped with detailed instructions. Many popular models also have a lot of Youtubue video instructions. You don’t need to worry too much when using a 3D printer for the first time.

When you walk into 3D printing to understand and use it, you will find that 3D printing is not so mysterious. Perhaps this is another technological advancement in the world. It will be extended to thousands of households in the future, just like ordinary printers in those days. Good helper in office.

You can design and make your own personalized model figures, make cultural relics for scientific research, make small parts for daily use, and make all kinds of luminous characters, etc. In the future, there will be more and more The more people walk into their own 3D world.

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