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Making Scented Candles


Scented candles can be a great gift to be given. How to make scented candles? Let get started!

If you dont have a wax metler yet, you can get some candle making tools here.

First we have to choose the wax. I use three kinds of wax mix:

Option 1: 100% Soy Wax

Soy waxes with the lowest melting point are available. The softer the wax, the easier it is to adhere to the cup wall. (I use 100% soy wax for most cup wax making)

Option 2: 80% soy wax + 20% coconut wax

Both waxes have low melting point, soft wax, easy to adhere to the cup wall. No all coconut wax, uneven finish.

Option 3: 90% soy wax + 10% microcrystalline wax (choose food grade)

Microcrystalline wax is synthetic wax, food grade is slightly better, and the melting point below 60 degrees is selected. After adding, it can improve the adhesion of the cup wall, and can also increase the proportion of essential oils (increase by 5%-10%).

Curtain beeswax and other hard waxes with a melting point higher than 55 degrees are not suitable. These waxes are used for silicone molds. 

Other materials
Wick: 100g cup, 27-40 strands of cotton thread will do. Wood chip wick is also available, it looks better, but it burns with smoke
Attaching the wick: used glue to fix the wick on the bottom of the cup
Tips: Use a marker pen to mark the center of the bottom of the cup, stick the wick with glue, and fix it at the center point, so that it will not run off
Fixed piece: metal and wood are available. It is used to fix the wick.
Hot air blower
The amount of essential oil added is 5-10%, preferably 7-10%, 5% is a bit weak. The essential oils should be added to the part of the fragrance, and the essential oils in the middle and bottom notes should be added, such as hongdongxiang and vetiver, the overall taste is richer and the aroma is longer. You can also consider adding a natural fragrance base.


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