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Welding Beginner’s Guide


  1. When welding, the hands need be stable state, and the arms must be clamped to avoid shaking, so that the welding can be uniform and beautiful. 2. When welding, zigzag and dot type are generally used for welding, so that the welded seam lines are clearer.
  2. When welding, the electrode and the iron plate should maintain an angle of 45 degrees, which is conducive to the uniform distribution of molten iron, and the welding after burning is smooth.
  3. During the overhead welding operation, since the molten iron is easy to fall, it is necessary to adopt the form of spot welding, so that the sintering will be more firm.
  4. Because of certain technical and skill requirements, the effect and quality of products welded by welders of different levels are quite different.

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