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Is Electric Melting Furnace Good for Home Use

Nowadays, more and more people are beginning to come into contact with the metal casting process and try to melt the metal by themselves to make what they want to do. Before starting metal casting, we need a furnace. Generally, there are two types of melting furnaces on the market: electronic melting furnaces and gas melting furnaces. Which is more suitable for home use?

There are two voltage versions of the electronic gold melting furnace: 110VAC and 220VAC. In order to meet the needs of customers in different countries, ToAuto is equipped with various specifications of connectors. So you don't have to worry about mismatched connectors.

1. The ToAuto electric melting furnace is small in size, up to 1150 degrees Celsius, and can melt all metals with a melting point below 1150 degrees, including but not limited to: gold, sterling silver, pure copper and aluminum, etc.
2. The ToAuto upgraded electric gold melting furnace has two handles, which is more convenient for machine transportation before and after use, and also for storage. At the same time, the base is enlarged, so that the machine is more stable and there will be no tipping problem, ensuring your safety during operation.
3. The ToAuto electric melting furnace  is equipped with a 360-degree high temperature protective cover to prevent you from touching the machine during operation and causing injury.
4. The ToAuto electric melting furnace  is easy to handle and small in size, so it can be used as long as it is powered on. Therefore, whether it is hot summer or cold winter, you can use it in the garage or indoor open space.


If you are a beginner or a hobbyist, the ToAuto electric melting furnace is your best choice. There are 1kg, 2kg, 3kg crucibles. Whether you are new to metal casting or have experience, you can find a suitable machine in ToAuto.

ToAuto focuses on metal casting. From moldingmelting, to surface treatment, ToAuto can provide you with one-stop service.

Simple, real and fast, ToAuto is your first choice.

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  • Mark

    Is it possible on the tgf3000 – - v1. 1 from 110v to 220v or is it a different model?

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