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ToAuto Electric Meltal Melting Furnace TGF3000 Troubleshooting

Official customer service:


1. ToAuto offer free repair parts if you bought the machine from our offcial online stores.

2. Original order record is needed for free repair parts. 


  • Machine cann't be powered up.

1: Please disassemble the bottom of the machine to check if the wiring is loose. If it is loose, clamp it with pliers. Mainly check the wires at the thermostat, switch and power cord socket. If it is loose, reconnect it and turn on the machine for testing.

2: If all wires are normal, check if the switch indicator light is on when you turn on the machine. If it is on, it means the thermostat controller is deffective. If you want to buy one, click here.

If the switch indicator light is not on, please turn on the power and use a multimeter/electric tester to measure whether there is voltage output on the wires. If there is voltage output, it means the switch is deffective. If there is no voltage, it means the socket box is deffective. 

How to check the voltage?



  • Machine doesn't heat up/ reach to the set temp.

Please refer to this video and test the heating wire. 

If the heating wire is deffective, get it here.



  • Error code HHHH or LLLL

1. Please check if the wire connecting probe is loose

2. If the wire is well connected, it means the probe is deffetive. Buy one here. And refer to this video to change the probe. 



  • Controller shows numbers radomly.

1. Please refer to this video and try to rest the controller. 

2. If reset doesn't work, please change the controller. (Buy new controller here; video instruction here. )

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  • Tony Minuti

    I was gifted a toAuto furnace in October of 2023. Recently it has stopped working. One wire from the relay to the heating element burned up. After replacing the wire it turned on but did not get hot enough to melt copper, and cycled frequently. Now it doesn’t pull amps at all, nore does it it heat up at all. I suspect the relay is defective. The relay does get signal/voltage and it does click on. But it doesn’t pull amps. I’d like to order a new relay. Please email me back with recommendations. Thank you

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