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FASTTOBUY Hot Foil Stamping Machine

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  • [ HOT FOIL STAMPING MACHINE ] Fasttobuy's hot foil stamping machine with digital display and sufficient size for stamping work, compactness and easy to set up, comes with pieces of silver & gold foil to practice.
  • [ BALANCE SCREW WITH SPRING ] Updated with four high elasticity balance springs to keep the pressure applied evenly and ensure the stamping quality, durable and reliable.
  • [ LONG U-SHAPED HOLE ] Because of the unique long mold mounting hole (slot hole) on the heating plate, the mold can be install easily, and can be adjusted forward or backward.
  • [ FULL SCALE BASE PLATE ] The stainless steel base is marked with a grid help to precise location, accurate and convenient to positioning stamping pattern.
  • [ GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE ] Fasttobuy provides professional and efficient customer service to all the customers, you can find many other leather craft tools easily in our store.Note: Different materials require different time and hot stamping temperature, please refer to the detailed tips


Why Choose Our Stamping Machine?

  • Our Foil Stamping Machine is the essential equipment of hot foil stamping production and processing, which is perfect for personalization of Embossed leather, wood products, handicrafts, handbags purses, stickers, stationery, footwear marks, plastic packaging, leather embossed branding, car seats, mobile phone sets, paper invitations, business cards, notes, furniture, branding, recipes gilt, gilt frames plastic stamping etc.
  • This Upgraded Hot Foil Stamping Machine we offered has the characteristics of reliable structure, accurate orientation ,small volume, beautiful appearance and convenient operation. Compared with other foil stamping machines, this machine is more economical and better suited for small batch or personalization jobs.


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Hot foil stamping temperature and time (for reference):


  • Papers:100-130 degree Celsius 1s / Soft plastic: 80-100 degree Celsius
  • Hard plastic:120-130 degree Celsius / PVC:100-120 degree Celsius 1-1.5s
  • Leather: 100-130 degree Celsius 1s / Synthetic leather:160-180 degree Celsius


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Hot stamping temperature and time (for reference):


  • Leather:130-180 degree Celsius 3s / Wood: 300-350 degree Celsius 3s
  • Soft PVC:100-120 degree Celsius / Paper: 300-350 degree Celsius 3s
  • PU:120-150 degree Celsius 2s / PVC:120-160 degree Celsius
  • Hard plastic:120-130 degree Celsius / Cattlehide: 180 degree Celsius / Bread: 250 degree Celsius 3s


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