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About us

Fast To Buy Limited is a business that has been fulfilling the tools and equipments of metalsmiths for more than 10 years.
Fast To Buy has remained faithful to its commitment to provide you with quality tools and equipments with reasonable price. Fast To Buy is also committed to providing the most courteous and professional customer service. The product descriptions on this website are highly detailed to help you in selecting the products that best suit your requirements.

Fast To Buy Co., Ltd. was established in 2011 in the city of Shenzhen, the most competitive and innovative city in China. In the beginning, company began business as a distributor of parts and supplies for cnc usage, including servo motor, controllers and so on. In year 2016, product line expanded to DIY equipments like 3d printers, stamping machines, soldering station and metal processing equipments. Now Fast To Buy aims to connect with the users directly to provide professional products and service, with no limit, that's why this website was biuld. Here you can not only but same products with lower price, but also chat with us online, with quicker response.

Besides serving valued customers, fasttobuy is also aimed to help all emplyees to fulfill their dream. Fasttobuy is not a company for emplyees, but a university where they can learn knowledge and skills, also a family where they get lovely friends.

Fasttobuy firmly believe that suppliers are supporting partners for company’s development. To Fasttobuy, they are not only supplies, with simple buy&sell relation, but also help the supplier to get to a higher-level on design and innovation. Better-developed suppliers will also help Fasttobuy to achevie a new level.

Only with these trusted suppliers, well-trained emplyees, faithful business philosophy, can fasttobuy grow better and be the first choice for customers, and the leader in metal processing field.