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ToAuto 15Qts Large Electric Wax Melting Pot for Candle Making Business

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● 【Fast Melt 60 Candles for You】 Achieving a rush order for a bulk order was made easy. TOAUTO WMF-15 wax melter can melt 15 Qts of candle wax and make 60 8-ounce candles at a time, greatly reducing your production time and making mass production of candles piece of cake. it's time to consider investing in a fully functional candle maker machine!
● 【Every Drop Counts】Our large wax dispenser has a unique design with spigot hole is located in the center of the bottom, allowing you to empty 98% melted wax not having to tilt. And the patented spout tech keeps wax heating and running internally so NO worried about blockage! It keeps your mind at ease, so you can get more work done!
● 【Stay Warm All Time】 With an 86℉~212℉ Temperature Control dail that can meet your different needs to melt all types of wax like soy wax, bee wax, paraffin, coconut wax, and more. Plus, it will automatically go into an intermittent mode ( the yellow light ) to keep at a constant set temperature from overheating or burning.
● 【Fast Melt Up Time】TOAUTO commercial melter is fast at heating up and melting the wax that 7.5KG soy wax can be melted in about 60 mins at 212°F. Once it heats up to the temperature you needed, it sets itself automatically on keep warm mode so this is very convenient if you are super busy. Great tool for making mass candle production.
● 【Become A Candle Making Pro】Are you looking to make candles for fun? TOAUTO WMF-15L melter is extremely convenient for larger projects and even comes with a nice mixing spoon. You can seriously create your own business with just this item right here for gift sets, arts and crafts sales, gift baskets, etc. Happy arting, crafting, and business running all!

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