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Please read before you order: 

Click here to download the instuction manual for ToAuto Digital Readout DRO System

1. About the length: we have travel length from 4" to 40". (50mm to 1000mm.) Please leave note about the length you need for your machine. Please also note, travel length is different from total length. The total length of a scale is travel length + 5 1/2".

2. About the resolution: please choose 1um, or 5um resolution when you order the kit. 

3. About longer scales: please contact service@toautotool.com about the price and delivery details. 

4. About the choose options: 

if you choose the 2axis kit, you will recieve a 2axis readout, 2 scales, and the accessories; 

if you choose the 3axis kit, you will recieve a 3axis readout, 3 scales, and the accessories; 

Benefits :
(1) Digital display to eliminate backlash and improve precision
(2) Advanced trigonometric calculation so to accomplish a perfect project
(3) 11.6”wide display to offer excellent long-distance viewing
(4) Digital readout kit can avoid wasting weeks to check machine precision
(5) Lifetime free technical support, 2Years warranty, 30-day return
(6) 1pc digital readout(2Axis/3Axis) with scales(upon your options) , 5μm /1μm resolution (at 45ºC)
Specifications & Functions Applications: Milling Machine, Lathe, EDM, Grinder
AC80V~260V,50~60Hz,US/UK/AU/EU plug
Power consumption: 15VA
Operating temperature: 0~45℃
Storage temperature: -30~70℃
Relative humidity: Less than 90%
Readout input signal: TTL square wave
Input signal frequency: Less than 5M Hz
Resolution : 5µm (0.005mm/0.0002")
Min resolution of DRO angle :0.0001/pulse
DRO Dimensions: 11.6"X6.7"X2.56"
Linear Scale Interface: DB9(RS232)
SDM 200 sets memory, power-off memory for 10years , circumference drilling, oblique line drilling, 1/2 centering 
PCD function
R function
Smooth R function
The simple R function
Chambering (applicable to: Milling machine,Boring machine)
Tool conpensation (for lathe)
Machining of oblique plane
Package Included :

1set DRO Or Linear Scales  ( Per Your Choice )
1set Installation Accessories
1pc User Manual

Note: Due to the shipping limits, the Digital Readout and Linear Scale will be in two separate packages, if you just received one of them , please be a little patient , the other one must be still on the way to you , you can also contact customer service to get the updates , thank you for understanding . 

Q1 : are the length 100mm, 150mm, 200mm....  travel length or total ?
Answer : all are travel length , total length = Travel Length +140mm

Q3 : if i need a scale like 255mm , can you offer it ?
Answer : 250mm is enough , its measuring range can reach up to 270mm,so you can use if you need to measure 255mm. 

Q4: How to switch Mill type to Lathe type ?
Answer : Please watch the following video . (press 6 times after DRO powers on)

Q5: Do you have Installation Manual ?
Answer : Yes, Please contact the customer service to get the video. (The file is too large to upload here )
Q6 : Do you have any other kits that not listed , such as 100+250+300mm ?
Answer : Yes, we have any kind combinations to meet your demands , please just contact us.

For any more videos, Please just contact us to get it , thanks!