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2/3 Axis DRO Kit LCD Display +Scales

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Please read before you order: 

Click here to download the instuction manul for ToAuto Digital Readout DRO System LCD Typs

1. About the length: we have travel length from 4" to 40". (50mm to 1000mm.) Please leave note about the length you need for your machine. Please also note, travel length is different from total length. The total length of a scale is travel length + 5 1/2".

2. About the resolution: please choose 1um, or 5um resolution when you order the kit. 

3. About longer scales: please contact service@toautotool.com about the price and delivery details. 

4. About the choose options: if you choose the 2axis kit, you will recieve a 2axis readout, 2 scales, and the accessories; if you choose the 3axis kit, you will recieve a 3axis readout, 3 scales, and the accessories; 

LCD Digital Readout Introduction :

1, Basic Information :

Input preset data for an axis
MM/inch Mode
Absolute / relative / user coordinate system
Automatically divide by 2
SDM General Clearance
Screen saver function
Power-down memory function
Set the mechanical zero of the sensor
Non-linear compensation
Linear compensation
Lathe diameter radius switch
Anti-shake switch
Coordinate joint switch
Brightness adjustment

2, Special Function :

Circumferential hole
Linear hole
Smooth arc
Simple arc
Bevel machining
Network hole
Inner machining
Machining function of EDM


2/3 LCD Digital Readout

Supply Voltage range

AC86V~240V; 50HZ~60HZ

Power consumption


Operating temperature

0 ~ 50 degree centigrade

Storage temperature

-20~65 degree centigrade

Relative humidity

Less than 90%

Readout allowable input signal


Allowable input signal frequency

Less than 5MHz

Max resolution of digital display length




Packing Size

35x15.5x22.5cm (Both 2Axis and 3Axis are same)

Display Advantage

Having a good capacity of resisting disturbance ,durable keyboard, easy to change

Questions & Answers :

Q1 : are the length 100, 150, 200.... 1500mm travel length or total ?

Answer : all are travel length

Q2: if i need 200mm , 450mm scales with 2axis digital readout, how should i do ?

Answer : You can select the 200MM (8")450MM (18"), 2Axis Digital Readout add in your cart , then make the payment together via paypal, we will ship them in one kit to you .


Q3 : what does the dro measure to ?

Answer : measure to 0.001mm , 0.0001inch (1inch=25.4mm)


Q4 : if i need a scale like 255mm , can you offer it ?

Answer : 250mm is enough , its measuring range can reach up to 270mm,so you can use if you need to measure 255mm.


Q5 : Can i cut the scales by myself ?

Answer : Technically NO, it maybe unavailable after cutting.