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Dia 30mm Adjustable Propane Torch

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  • ✔ The double switch adjusts the firepower, which is more safe and reliable. It can realize the infinite adjustment of the firepower.
  • ✔ The diameter of the nozzle is φ30mm, the firepower is stronger, and it can output 60CM long flame.
  • ✔ Equipped with 7/8 inch, 4UNF, left-handed inverted teeth. Installed in the propane tank.Sealed joints, good sealing, long lasting
  • ✔ Equipped with 1.2M long rubber tube that can withstand 2.5MPA pressure.
  • ✔ The Warranty Time-12 Months. 4-7day fast delivery via DHL.We offer you the Best & Professional service, if you have any questions, please contact us firstly, we will always help you. And If our products have any problem, we promise to help you within 24hrs.

Benefits for you

1.Double switches adjust the firepower.
2.Equipped with 7/8 inch, 4UNF, left-handed inverted tooth connector. Installed in the propane tank.
3.Seal joint.
4.Can withstand 2.5MPA high pressure rubber hose.
5.Nozzle diameter of φ30mm.

Specifications& Feature

Types Of Double: Switch Type
Nozzle Diameter:φ30mm
Flame Gun Total Length:410mm
Air Pressure:2.5mpa
Interface Thread Size:7/8, 4unf, Left-handed Inverted Tooth
Outer Diameter Of Trachea:φ14mm
Tracheal Inner Diameter:φ8mm
Package Dimensions:51*10*6.5cm
Package Weight:750g

Application area

Can be used to burn weeds, defrost ice, remove paint, melt metal, etc.