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FAST MELT 12 Qts soap base melter

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Product Description

  • 【Effortless Operation】 FAST MELT 12 Qts soap base melter offers one-touch automation, making soap base melting a breeze. Keep everything at the right temperature without overburn and the base pours at a good consistency. Makes the soap-making process so easy and so much easier than juggling hot pots!
  • 【Rapid Melting Speed】 Our soap base melting machine stands out with its powerful performance of 610W power and efficient melting speed, delivering an exceptional experience. Whether it's 4kg of glycerin soap base or 6kg, this machine effortlessly melts them in 30 to 60 minutes, making your production highly efficient.
  • 【Commercial Soap Base Melter】 FAST MELT S-12L melter is spacious with a 12-liter capacity, the inner chamber heating pot is 9.5" deep and 10" wide, making it perfect for larger batches. Only weighs 8.5 lbs and it's big and bulky, but not too heavy. Whether you're starting a soap business or a hobbyist, it's a game changer for anyone looking to make soap with ease and efficiency.
  • 【Easy Pouring & Neatly】 Heating spout design and nozzle is lower on the tank, so you get pretty much every drop out with barely any waste. And the heating pot that there is a hole in the bottom center of the pot that allows the base to drain into and be released through the pour spout, easier emptying, and faster pouring than EVER!
  • 【Big Warm Tip】This is only for prepared soap bases chunks that you melt, typically glycerin not for cold soaps and lye. Not recommended to add herbs, oils, or additives directly into the machine. Do not allow residual soap to cool and harden inside, but flush and wash it out with hot water when you are done.

    FAST MELT 12Qts Melter

    A game-changer for anyone looking to make soap with ease and efficiency.

    DO NOT wait to explore more soapmaking possibilities with this fantastic tool !

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