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3KG/2KG/1KG Graphite Crucible Metal Melting Ingot Mould

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  • GROOVED GRAPHITE CRUCIBLE -- Grooved graphite crucible made of natural graphite with good thermal conductivity and high temperature resistance, and has a small thermal expansion coefficient during high temperature use. Specially designed for easy removal from the furnace say no to any metal waste.
  • LARGE COMPACITY -- 3KG / 334ML Capacity, can be melted 6.4KG gold,3.5KG silver,3KG copper,0.9KG aluminum. The use temperature is less than or equal to 1800 ℃, can melt alloys such as gold, silver, platinum, and other precious metals, smelting, casting metals.
  • WARM TIPS -- Pure graphite crucible can NOT be heating by carbon furnace or charcoal kiln. It will be oxidized and cracked; Pure graphite will start to oxidize at 752 °F (400℃). They withstand temperatures can be 3200 °F if you use Air Electric Furnace. They withstand temperatures can be 5000 °F if you use Vacuum or Gas Protection Furnace.
  • Long Service Life -- The surface of the graphite crucible has a special glaze layer and dense molding material, which greatly improves the corrosion resistance of the product and extends its service life
  • SLE-FREE AFTER-SALE SERVICES - All Products from the TOAUTO will be provided for 1-year warranty after-sales and lifetime technical support, and 30-day return. Premium after-sales service from a high-quality product, we take full responsibility for our promise.


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