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TOAUTO 10 Qts Digital Wax Melter for Candle Making

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  • Fast Melt 80 Candles at A Time: The TOAUTO WMF-10L digital wax melter can handle a rush order for bulk candle production. It can melt 10 quarts of candle wax and create 80 4-ounce candles at a time, significantly reducing production time and making mass production easier.
  • Efficient Wax Dispensing: The wax dispenser has a unique design with a spigot hole in the center of the bottom. This design allows you to extract 98% of the melted wax without having to tilt the machine. Additionally, the patented spout technology keeps the wax flowing internally, preventing blockages and ensuring a smooth process.
  • display that ranges from 60°C to 100°C. This feature is helpful for melting different types of wax like soy wax, bee wax, paraffin, and coconut wax. The ±10°C deviation helps maintain the right temperature for melting without overheating.
  • Fast Melt Up Time: The TOAUTO commercial melter heats up quickly and melts wax efficiently. It can melt 5kg of soy wax in approximately 30 minutes at 100°C. This speed can significantly reduce the time needed for candle making compared to traditional double boiler methods.
  • Candle Making for Business: The machine offers convenience for larger projects and includes a mixing spoon and a 1.3L pouring pot. It's suggested that this melter is suitable for starting a small candle-making business, creating gift sets, arts and crafts sales, gift baskets, and more.

Candle Making Kit

If you are considering starting a hobby or a business where you make bulks of candle,

then this is a very good wax melter to start!

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