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TOAUTO A3 PCP Air Compressor

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  • 【SHUFFLE OFF FORGETTING TROUBLES】Have you ever forgotten to carry a 12v car clip power cord causing you to be unable to inflate and affect your hunting experience? TOAUTO A3 air compressor UNIQUE WIRE SPOOL is designed to easily move wire reels where you need them the most.A3 air compressor can be powered by 110V AC at home or 12V car battery in the field (current above 40A). It is very convenient to fill your PCP air gun or paintball tank anywhere.
  • 【UPGRADED COOLING SYSTEM- ONE-BUTTON START】A3 portable air compressor NO trouble of externally circulating cooling water or adding oil. High-power cooling fans are built in to dissipate heat, and the multiple vents on the shell can cool the compressor in different directions. Besides One-button Start Func makes the fan automatically start when the compressor is powered, which avoids forgetting to turn on the cooling fan, resulting in high-temperature damage to the motor.
  • 【SET-PRESSURE & AUTO-SHUTOFF】Simply program the pressure for your air rifle or inflatable object and let the TOAUTO A3 PCP Air Compressor do the rest. The AUTO-OFF FUNCTION turns the pump off when target pressure is reached when inflating So that you can free your hands, save time, and do other things when inflating. Besides, Both ends of the hose are 8mm FOSTER female connectors, which can directly fit the male nozzles of most PCP air rifles and paintball cylinders.
  • 【POWERFUL PCP COMPRESSOR】OUR A3 air tank equipped with advanced motor power up to 350W, and the inflation pressure can reach 4500 PSI/300 Bar/30Mpa, which can meet the air pressure requirements of most air guns. Inflating Speed: 500CC tank, from 0BARS to 300BARS takes about 20 minutes. The maximum inflation tank is limited to 30ci (0.5L).TIPS: The inflation duty cycle is 30 minutes of continuous work and 10 minutes of rest.
  • 【MEET ALL YOU NEED】As a professional manufacturer of hardware instruments, we know the importance of safety. Adjustable pressure gauge, safety valve, and burst disc make A3 air compressor pump safer. With 8MM Quick Connector & Oil-Water Separator, It can efficiently filter oil and water in the air, output clean and dry high-pressure air, A3 is CE-EMC, CE-LVD, PSE certified safety in use, suitable for PCP air rifles, air pistols, paintball guns, and HPA tanks


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Never worry about the fill level of your PCP tanks again. As long as you have a typical single-phase 110V outlet /12V car battery available, you will have all of your compressed air needs covered anywhere.No more spending money on scuba tank or airsoft equipment refills!

Stepping into an A3 PCP AIR COMPRESSOR means stepping out of the traditional world of air pumps that need oil +water.

Wave goodbye to scuba tanks and hand pumps forever with a compressor built to go anywhere you can— the A3 Air Compressor.

Keep the HUNTING FUN going all day-Welcome to the Airgun Nation!!!

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Your Long Term Partner

This long-lasting compressor will serve your PCP air needs for years to come. You may buy many more paintball guns, airsoft equipment, or new mini hba tank gear through the years, but the TOAUTO A3 PCP Air Compressor will be the only pump you need to keep all your air tanks filled and ready for action.

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