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ToAuto DS90 Soldering Station 110V

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90W Digital LED Display Rework Soldering Station Kit PID controll 110V 150~450℃

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Soldering iron station is used in the maintenance of internal circuit boards of electronic equipment, household appliances, instruments, mobile phones and watches.It is also perfect for PCB / SMD / SMT welding, DIY hobbies,factory production. 

 This is a portable,thermostatically controlled electric soldering iron with adjustable temperature function. The ceramic heating core uses a three core grounding power cord. which gurantees the safety of the welding operation.


【Perfect 12-In-1 Soldering Kit 】Upgraded 90 Watt Soldering Station with 5 x Soldering Tip,1x Solder wire bracket,1x Roll solder wire(50g),1x Solder sucker,1x Anti-static Tweezers,1x Brass tip cleaner,1x Instruction manual.

【Fast Heating & Stable Temperature】 Soldering Station uses High power (90W) electric iron heating core, a soldering temperature of 392 °F is reached after about 3-6seconds. Internal ceramic heating element strong welding, fast temperature rise, fast temperature compensation.High-temperature resistant silicone wire, Anti-static design & ESD safe, temperature Range: 150~450°C; : 302~842°F.

【Fahrenheit&Centigrade Conversion 】You can freely switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit according to your requirement.Under the normal working mode,press the button LOCK to change it.

【Temperature Lock Function】In Temperature Locking mode, it can ensure constant temperature work, lock in the perfect temperature for soldering. Saves the trouble of accidently pressing buttons so that you can focus on soldering.

【Automatic Standby Function】If the handle is placed on the soldering iron base without any operation, the machine will automatically stand by after 10 minutes, and the heating core will be heated at 200 ℃.And screen will display STB. Pick up the handle to resume normal working mode. 

【Automatic Sleep Function】In the standby state, after 20 minutes, the machine will automatically enter the sleep state, the screen displays SLP, the heating core is not heated, when the handle is lifted again, exit the automatic sleep mode.It can effectively extend the service life of the soldering iron,stable performance,more energy-saving and environmental protection.

【Error Message Display】When the screen prompts S-E, it indicates that the sensor is malfunctioning;

When the screen prompts H-E, it indicates that the heating core is malfunctioning





Temp range:150 ℃ ~ 450 ℃

Temp error:± 15 ℃

Temp stability range:± 2 ℃

Knob adjustment

Temp unit:° C / ° F

Temp display:Digital Display

 Packing List:
1PCS Soldering iron

1PCS Solder Wire Bracket

1PCS Brass Tip Cleaner

1PCS 30G welding wire

5PCS Soldering iron tip

1PCS Tweezers

1PCS Solder Sucker

1PCS User Manual