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How To Extend Service Life of Your Electric Melting Furnace

With the development of the times and technology, people's lifestyles are slowly changing: many people begin to use their leisure time to develop their hobbies, and gradually hobby become their own sideline or even main business.

For example, 3D printing: among ToAuto's many customers, 3D printing is not just a hobby, but a career. Metal casting is the same. At the beginning, maybe out of hobbies, you started to try to make some simple ornaments or other metal products as gifts or home decorations. But you will slowly fall in love with metal casting and take it as business. .

Melting furnace is a necessary tool for metal casting. There are generally two types of furnaces on the market: electronic melting furnaces and propane melting furnaces. Today, ToAuto will introduce to you how to extend the service life of electric melting furnaces.

1. Structure of electric melting furnace
The electric melting furnace is mainly composed of melting furnace, crucible, heating element(heating wire), furnace cover, electrical automatic temperature control system (temperature probe), etc.

2. Consumables of electric melting furnace
Since the furnace is in a high temperature environment when used, the graphite crucible and heating wire are consumables. But don’t worry, generally these consumables can be easily obtained from the furnace supplier.

3. How to extend the service life of electric melting furnace
3.1. Each time you use the melting furnace, please preheat it to about 300-500°C degrees and keep it for about 10 minutes to avoid the crucible rupture caused by the machine heating up too fast.
3.2. The capacity of the crucible should not exceed 80% of the actual capacity, so as to avoid excessive overflow of the molten metal liquid, which will cause the internal components of the machine to be burned.
3.3. After the metal has melted and poured out, please take out the graphite crucible and set it aside. Remember not to put it in water. A sudden drop in temperature will affect its physical characteristics and shorten its service life.
3.4. When the melting furnace is working, the internal temperature is as high as 1100°C degrees, which causes the heating wire inside the machine to be in a high temperature state, and the heating wire will become very fragile. Therefore, during the use of the machine, and within 3 hours after use, do not move the melting furnace to prevent the internal heating wire from breaking.
3.5. Although the temperature of the melting furnace can reach more than 1100°C degrees, in order to extend the service life of the machine, it is recommended that each use time does not exceed 3H. (Generally, the preheating plus melting time is 1.5H. 3H is enough for you to complete the metal casting process!)

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