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On the Boat of Patents, We Go Further

The path to success is never even. We have to overcome difficulties and challenges.

Economic competition is a white war. In this competitive market environment, most businesses are law-abiding and optimum competition, so as to benefit end-users. However, there are also few speculators attempting to disrupt the market environment through despicable means in an attempt to obtain unethical benefits.

On February 8th, 2022, FastToBuy received a TRO from the Tennessee court, and the funds in Amazon stores were frozen. (Related brands: TOAUTO、FASTTOBUY、GOODCRAFTER)

FastToBuy has been engaged in the e-commerce industry for 11 years, and this is the first time we have encountered a cross-border lawsuit. After days’ verifications, FastToBuy found that nearly 200 companies received the TRO this time. After weeks investigation and analysis, FastToBuy confirmed that one of the plaintiffs was C*st M*sters LLC, a competitor in the metal casting field. C*st M*sters LLC sued 175 defendant companies and Amazon stores this time for infringement of trade secrets for metal casting equipment.

FastToBuy has been in metal casting field for more than 3 years. The core products have undergone several design upgrades, and 1-2 new versions would be launched every year. In this metal casting field, FastToBuy  has 7 domestic(China) patents, some US trademarks, and one US design patent. FastToBuy ranks first in the casting tools category on Amazon.

As the investigation went deeper, FastToBuy found that the plaintiff had only one unrelated patent in this category that was about to expire. FastToBuy concluded: the plaintiff has no evidence, and the purpose of the lawsuit was to monopolize the market through judicial loopholes. As a result, FastToBuy decided to respond to the lawsuit.

On March 8, FastToBuy hired lawyer Mu Shengmao of Whitewood Law PLLC to respond to the lawsuit. During this period, the plaintiff repeatedly asked FastToBuy whether to choose reconciliation, but FastToBuy rejected directly. As the facts were in favor of FastToBuy, the plaintiff's attitude gradually changed. From settlement to conditional withdrawal, and finally they withdraw the lawsuit unconditionally. 

On April 1st , FastToBuy received a withdrawal from the Federal Court. 

On April 2nd , FastToBuy received a notice to lift the funds freeze of Amazon stores. This also marked that FastToBuy has won this case.

This case has been reported and disseminated by China Quality Daily, XueXi.cn, Shenzhen Quality City Association" and a number of WeChat official accounts (below), and has caused extensive discussion in the cross-border e-commerce circle.

From this case, FastToBuy is well aware of the importance of the intellectual property rights of ToAuto core products. During past 11 years, FastToBuy has been develping firmly and steadily, and designing and researching products deeply. At the same time, FastToBuy protects its own with intellectual property rights.

As an enterprise, FastToBuy always puts the interests of customers first. Protect itself with technology and benefit customers with products.

Responding to customers’ request fast, making customers’ purchase simple, and always being honest and real, that's what FastToBuy always sticks to. Intelligent technology brings more convenience. FastToBuy is diving into designing and producing more real tools for users with fast service and best technology.





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    Unfortunately, you folks are just getting caught up in the political circus here and I’m so sorry for that. Thank you for explaining what the outcome was, I was curious as to how far they were going to take this when it hit the news.

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