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We love, we care, we share!Candle making and soap making is a easy way to to help get extra income by selling candles, or soaps.  We want to help thoese who in need in our way.  7 lucky applicants would be choosen to have a free melter monthly, which will be announced by  our facebook account: ToAuto Metal Studio, and Instagram @ToAutoTool on the 7th of every month.  Read before you submit your application:1. Single mothers,  people with disabilities , and current students will be given priority.2. ToAuto pays the shipping.3. Customer service: service@ToAutoTool.com4. We accept 2nd time applicants if you are not choosen before.  Click to apply here.      

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To thank all users who choose ToAuto products, from now on we will reward customers who post to share their experience on the purchasing, or the product. If you purchase any of our products and share your experience on social media or any online forum (preferably with pictures or videos), you will receive: 1. If you purchase candle making tools, you will get a complete set of candle DIY molds 2. If you purchase metal melting tools, you can get a free high-density crucible; and receive special discounts when purchasing additional crucibles. 3. If you purchase leather making tools, you...

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The path to success is never even. We have to overcome difficulties and challenges. Economic competition is a white war. In this competitive market environment, most businesses are law-abiding and optimum competition, so as to benefit end-users. However, there are also few speculators attempting to disrupt the market environment through despicable means in an attempt to obtain unethical benefits. On February 8th, 2022, FastToBuy received a TRO from the Tennessee court, and the funds in Amazon stores were frozen. (Related brands: TOAUTO、FASTTOBUY、GOODCRAFTER) FastToBuy has been engaged in the e-commerce industry for 11 years, and this is the first time we...

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Creality is an upstart 3D printer supplier dedicated to developing the FDM 3D printer, resin 3D printer, 3D printer filament, and maker related products. During 7 years development, Creality has over 1.2 million worldwide users and released nearly 70 types 3D printers. ToAuto has started cooperation with Creality since 2017. And in 2021, ToAuto expanded the sales channels to, besides Amzon, eBay and Aliexpress. website is authorized by Creality as a new sales channel in June.  ToAuto focuses on metal casting. From molding, melting, to surface treatment, ToAuto can provide you with one-stop service.Simple, real and fast, ToAuto is your first choice.  

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Time flies, we have all grown up and even become parents. Childhood seems to be far away from us.But at ToAuto, we relive our childhood together, enjoy the joy of childhood, and celebrate Children's Day together. Come and see what gift we will get! We tasted various snacks we had in childhood and played games together.The winner of the game can choose the gift first! Yes, blind box! Open the gift box and you will know what it is. The winner of the game may not be able to pick the best gift, because no one knows which gift is the...

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