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ToAuto Team Celebrate Children's Day

Time flies, we have all grown up and even become parents. Childhood seems to be far away from us.
But at ToAuto, we relive our childhood together, enjoy the joy of childhood, and celebrate Children's Day together. Come and see what gift we will get!

We tasted various snacks we had in childhood and played games together.
The winner of the game can choose the gift first! Yes, blind box! Open the gift box and you will know what it is. The winner of the game may not be able to pick the best gift, because no one knows which gift is the best! This is the surprise!

Look, David picked a Ferrari. He said this is his dream car!  


Sylvia is a new mother. Due to her busy schedule, she didn't even have time to prepare her daughter's first Children's Day gift in her life. But at ToAuto, we prepared a Children's Day gift for her daughter. ToAuto is not just a place to work, everyone is more like close friends and even family members.

Tom got Super Mario. He was born in the 1980s. He said that he always wanted one when he was a child, but his parents never bought it for him. Today, at ToAuto, Tom got his childhood dream gift!
PS. ToAuto helps you realize your dream.


With the music and laughter, finally, everyone picked a gift. We also want to keep this wonderful time forever.
Youth is gone forever, but we are still growing up to keep youth forever, running and chasing dreams.
We are all running very hard. We are all dream chasers.


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